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ENOLIA ENERGY was established in 2007. Our first target was to become a strong player in the South Eastern European Renewable Energy Market. The experience and expertise acquired so far enables Enolia to further expand to promising energy markets such as those of SE Asia (Thailand, Pakistan, Singapore) and Japan.
Over the past years, ENOLIA ENERGY has grown rapidly in the fields of Solar Energy (Photovoltaic & Concentrating Solar Power), Wind Energy, and  CHP (Combined Heat & Power) driven Greenhouses. Enolia has established strong international alliances, has built a core team of experts and invested in world-class know-how.
ENOLIA ENERGY continues to expand its activities in the Renewable Energy Sector through an integrated approach to service offering such as:
  • Project development and management
  • Turnkey solutions and applications
  • Equipment trading
  • Operations and maintenance
  • Financing
Our mission and vision is to generate competitive and sustainable returns to the investors through environmentally sound and community beneficiary investments.

Economic Data

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